• Ana Medeiros

You Belong With Me (With Me In Seattle #14)

Kristen Proby has delivered another wonderful book on the With Me in Seattle series.

Actually, this is my favourite series and this time it is the begining of a mafia spin-off, which features Elena's family.

Elena and Archer has known each other since they were in high school and decided to get married as soon as they legally could. However, Elena's father an unforgiven mobster and chief of the family is not ok with that and forced her to annul the marriage. Years later, she is hiding and Archer (who has never given up of his first love) finally finds her.

Kristen Proby is a wonderful author and has always created characters that are entertaining and strong. The way Archer shows Elena that she is the love of his life and that he will not give up on her is so beautiful and is a big part of the book.

The book is beautiful, sexy, and super fun.

You will love it!

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