• Ana Medeiros

Winning My Best Friend's Girl (The Baileys #8) by Piper Rayne

The Baileys are always a special book! This family is something else and their charisma is so strong that even reading their story we feel connected to their lives like they were good friends for life.

This familiarity is so strong that upon reading Kingston and Stella book I felt like talking to my best friend. Kingston is a really great guy with strong feelings, he is sensitive and actually he seems like a Jane Austen character, holding his feelings in his heart. Stella, has been through a lot and her relationship with Kingston at some time seems doomed... Their love is apparent for anyone but them.

The good thing about this book is that it introduces different characters from the Fire Department and Hospital in Anchorage, they are fun and I have to say that they should have their book... Specially Lou, I think he is an interesting guy to meet.

Also, we are sort of introduce to the last Bailey book... Sedona and her story with Jamison, I look forward to reading it.

This book is fun, sensitive, deal with delicate matters and about all is super well written. I just love it!

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