• Ana Paula Medeiros

Wicked Choice (The Wicked Horse Vegas #4) by Sawyer Bennett

It is funny because the Wicked Horse books are meant to be sexy, edgy and all about consenting adults expressing their lust and desires.

However, I find them all talking about human beings and nature.

Rachel Hart and Bodie Wright are teammates, as they are mercenaries for hire with the elite Jameson Group. She is quite older than him and has a chip on her shoulder. He is the nice guy that every girl wants to take home, but Rachel is not an average girl.

They start to get together at the Wicked Horse just like some of their colleagues at the Jameson Group and from there it starts a relationship that will mark them for life.

Rachel and Bodie have difficult choices to make at some point, but his patient and love will guide them through it all and it is really hard and at the same time sweet to read about their decisions.

Sawyer Bennett writes beautifully a story of two souls that connect despite it all and it is a wonderful, sexy, reading!

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