• Ana Medeiros

Wicked Billionaire (Wicked Horse Vegas, #8) by Sawyer Bennett

Another Wicked Horse Vegas excellent book! Declan in a powerful heir of a strong household hotel empire and has dedicated his life to his Blackwood name. Work is his name and the only way of decompressing it is by attending the Wicked Horse Vegas, no strings attached and pleasure guaranteed. One morning, he is taught a lesson by his housekeeper and see potential in her. She is young, beautiful, and super business smart. She is hired in a minute to be his personal assistant. Bailey is a strong woman, who has faced a grueling divorce and is working three jobs to keep her parents and pay for the debt her ex-husband has left her. Declan was a surprise in her life... Not only by offering her a dream job but an opportunity to spread her wings and at the end of the day get to know the Wicked Horse Vegas... Only for research purposes... This relationship is developed so well by Sawyer Bennett, they both have trust issues and are pragmatic persons, but at the end of the day romance win them. It is an irresistible pull for both of them and together they will face the troubles that this relationship will bring in their future. A very good book with so interesting characters! I loved it!

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