• Ana Medeiros

Unforgettable by Melanie HarlowUnforgettable (Cloverleigh Farms, #5) by Melanie Harlow

This is the last book of the series and the most emotional one. I have been looking for April's story for so long. All the books are so great but April was always on the corner, waiting for something, she sound so interesting and alone.

Her story is emotional and so beautiful. Tyler is perfect for her but I think even he did not know that, after all he had a goal of being the best player and baseball was everything, until it wasn't...

What now?! I think like showed Tyler that he had to have a life and other people matter, connections matters.

This story is beautiful, sexy and you can seel all the sisters together. I think Melanie Harlow is achieving a wonderful writing style over the years and it is becoming delicate and sentimental and sophisticated.

I love this book and really recommend it!

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