• Ana Medeiros

The What If Guy by Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely has a way of writing good witty modern characters that are so human and three dimensional.

Brynn is the VP of contend in a lifestyle website specially in romance. Logan is the CEO of a media financial fund that seeks new business and in right now negotiating a big business purchase.

They meet by chance when both of them wants to buy a Snoop Lunchbox, he wants for his daughter Amelia and she for sentimental purposes (that it is worth to find out by reading the book). They are a match made in heaven and the internet search devices but business and the corporate world enter in they way of romance. Decisions should be made and Brynn is due to take a huge risk in her life to acomodate Logan.

This book is the ultimate conteporary romance, sexy with a great couple and a story to die for.

I loved it!

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