• Ana Medeiros

The Rise of Fortune and Fury (Chronicles of the Stone Veil, #5) by Sawyer Bennett

Unfortunately this is the end of Finley and Carrick's saga against the evil Kymaris, the Queen of the Dark Faes. Kymaris has the Blood Stone and some unexpected aliances that are on her side, on the other hand, Finley and Carrick have all their friends including Zora and allies that will not make it easy for her.

This battle of good vs. evil is so good, exciting and dreading at the same time. Finley at the end has to make her sacrifice and it will be a surprise. The story of these 5 books is so thrilling and I confess that I had so much fun reading this saga. The characters belong to the magic world but they have so much humanity in them.

I just loved it and recommend to read all the books!

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