• Ana Medeiros

The Reunion (Second Chance Flower Shop, #3) by Noelle Adams

This series is so delicate and romantic, which is the mark of the Noelle Adams's books.

Skye has always a crush on Matthew (her brother's best friend) and they lived together in the same small city. Now, he is an architect and lives in a big city and she is living her dream at Azalea with her friends and business.

Matthew always thought that he is not deserved and Skye is that ultimate goal that was distant from a possibility. She is a couple of years younger and has always been the baby... Now, they are both adults with all their limitations and romance seems possible, but he is afraid of giving his heart.

Noelle Adams is sensitive in her books and this one she puts all the insecurites on Matthew. Skye is living her life and trying very hard to build a future for her with her friends and business. She has to prove all the time that she is not a child.

I like the book because it shows strong female characters and a lovely love story.

Love it!

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