• Ana Medeiros

The Remake (Second Chance Flower Shop, #4) by Noelle Adams

Unfortunately, this is the last book of this series about four friends living in Azalea, a small town in Virginia. This time the book is about Belinda, she is an accountant and is the older sister of Ria.

Belinda is a strong woman with strong opinions, she may be even bossy but underneath she is like everyone else she wants to be loved and belong to something.

She has been seen in the past months her sister and friends find love and begin to feel lonely and wants to do a remake just like a really show, but without all the fuzz. Fitz is a gentle loving soul who has been living in Azalea for the last 7 years. He is working on odd jobs without any ambition, living simply but is adored in the town. He is infatuated with Belinda but due to a secret in his life he does not want to get attached. He is afraid... He has his reasons but the beautiful words that Noelle Adams put in this book bring these two wonderful characters together.

This book is beautiful, sensitive and a wonderful story for you to find out.

I loved it!

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