• Ana Medeiros

The Rebound (Second Chance Flower Shop Book 2) by Noelle Adams

This is the second book of the Second Chance Flower Shop series about friends that are partners in an exponential flower shop in Azalea, Virginia. In this book we read the story of Madeline, she is a librarian and author of the poems that the flower shop uses in their kits for the clients. She was on a relationship for several years and felt imprisoned and without passion in it.

After ending it, she decides to keep to herself for a while but sometimes things happen without any warning... Ken is older and the town's sheriff and ten years older, but their attraction is so strong that both of them cannot deny it.

The great thing about Noelle Adams is that in all her books there is something different and unique, in this lovely book Madeline is the one that does not want a relationship immediately and she has Ken waiting for her... The places are reversed in this book! He is the one longing for a relationship and works very hard for it.

I love this story and this book!

After the ending of a long-term relationship that brought her nothing but stress and tears, Madeline Jenkins is ready to have some fun. Do something wild. Spontaneous. Maybe a little risky.

In other words, she wants to be nothing like her regular quiet self. Not forever. She likes herself. But she wants to try something new--just for a little while.

What better way to have some fun than to fall into an ill-advised, no-strings-attached fling with a very hot man. True, Ken isn't an ideal rebound guy. He's the sheriff, he's ten years older than her, and she's known him for years. They have nothing in common except an intense attraction that seems to come out of nowhere.

But that makes it easier. Ken is just her rebound. And no matter how good he makes her feel about herself, it's not like they'll ever want each other for real.

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