• Ana Medeiros

The Gritty Truth (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor, #7) by Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster is always surprising... Each book is different from the other and this book I have to tell you that I was really looking for after reading Tru Blue (the first book of the Whiskey series).

Quincy is Tru's younger brother, who is a recovering drug addict and has been through hell until he found his food with his brother and the Whiskeys. They are now a family. Quincy is working, studying and keeping his life simple to fight for his recovery and maintain his sobriety.

He meets Roni, his niece ballet teacher and their connection is immediately. However, neither are ready to romance and they decide to keep it simple and communicate by text. They text for months until they are ready to really date. This story is so beautiful because it shows Quincy and Roni as two hurt souls that by meeting each other heal together and it is very true to show how difficult the recovery journey is.

Quincy is a darling beautiful person inside out and Roni is an amazing soul and partner to him.

You will cry, laugh, cry again and be happy for this couple at the end of the book!

I loved it!

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