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The Bluff (Calamity Montana, #2) by Willa Nash

This series is getting better and better...

We were introduced to Everly in the first book "The Bribe" and teased by her story at the epilogue. Actually, Everly is quite fun but it is all a facade, she is insecure with her life and trying to search a goal and means to support herself since she does not want to sing.

In a surprise one-nightstand with Reese Huxley she discovered something else, a connection with other human being that is not Lucy (her best friend). This is the beginning of this marriage of convenience and how these two souls who were hurt in the past and discover a way to heal and move on with their lives together.

A great book! It has everything... brooding male character, interesting story and a nosy small town.

I just loved it!

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