• Ana Medeiros

Tempted by Love (The Steeles at Silver Island, #1)by Melissa Foster

This is the first book of the new series The Steeles at Silver Island, but if you are an avid Melissa Foster's reader as I am you already know Jock and Daphne from the Bayside series.

Jock has been through a great lost and very young decided to drop his writing career and work as a caregiver for Harvey. After Harvey's death he has the feeling of a big empty nest in his heart and decides to give himself sometime to recover. Living in the Bayside Resort is no trouble for him specially as he sees Daphne all the time, since she works there.

Daphne is a single mother of a lovely toddler and has been through a lot... However, now she has a good job, great friends. a book club to manage and a place to live near her parents. The only thing that is lacking is her personal life, she is too young to be alone, but being a single mother, it is difficult to have dates and meet new people. She is really puzzled when Jock cannot hold her daughter and runs to the races every time he sees her.

But getting to know him closely she understands his reasons and helps him to heal. They come together to his gram's birthday party at the Silver Island and that's where the magic begins...

Jock and Daphne are a couple that works their differences and relationship, it is not something that is given to them, they must conquer and work it out. I love this book because of that, it does not pretend that Jock is perfect, and Daphne acknowledge that, she accepts him...

The writing is perfect in describing these two with all their faults and good things...

The book is lovely and a very good reading.

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