• Ana Medeiros

Temp (Milford College, #5) by Noelle Adams

This is the last book of the Milford College and it is bittersweet since it is so good that is sad to say goodbye to them.

Polly is a grad student at UVA but must returno to Milford to take care of her mother for some time. In the meantime, she needs work and finds as job as a "temp" for the Finantial VP, Liam Cunningham. He is broody, temperamental and workaholic. She is a mild tempered person and manages him just well.

However, what they did not predict is for the attraction that grows each day. Liam has suffered a lot and has a lot of feelings that even he could not understand. At the same time, he and Polly are super aware of their work relationship and protect themselves as they can. The book is delicate which is a characterist of Noelle Adams's writing style.

Their relationship is so emotional and restraint at the same time because of the work relationship. The writing is wonderful and the book is so good that you will not put it away.

The last thing Polly wants is to take on a temp job as assistant to the grumpiest VP at Milford College, but she needs to make some extra money for graduate school, and it's the only job available. She'll just have to put up with him for the summer, even after she starts to want him as a lot more than her boss. Temp is the fifth book in the Milford College series, novellas about the faculty and staff of a small liberal arts college.

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