• Ana Medeiros

Somethin' About That Boy by Lani Lynn Vale

These Spurlock guys are really something... I confess that I am not quite fan of YA books, but being written by Lani Lynn Vale I gave it a chance and at the end of it I just loved!

This book seems to be the first one of a series about these young adults in the Kilgore High School. Banner has transfered to Kilogre High School because he was being bullied at his old school and had to change all his life because of that. Now, trying to pick up the pieces of this new life he met Perry a fellow student and sports aficionado.

Their story is full of characters of the other series, specially the Spurlocks! Above all, it is a good story with lots of romance and good scenes. These new characters are quite enderaring and I loved this new world.

I love it!

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