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Snowed in with the Firefighter (Shadow Creek, Montana, #7) by Victoria James

Victoria James is an excelent writer and author, her books are so romantic and deep in the feelings.

Dr. Melody Mayberry is facing serious problems in her worklife that are making her question everything, she is hurting and wants to be alone.

She knows that her family cottage is vacant and longs to be there to breath a little.

Finn Matthews is recuperating to return to his life as a firefighter, but is hurting too. He is taking his time to return to his life, but feels alone and that something is lacking in his life. He is taking some time in the family's cottage too...

Well... when these two characters meet just before Christmas they crash, but at the same time they long to be together. Melody is facing some serious problems and doubts and Finn is just the right person to be at her side, he only needs to convice her.

This book is so sensitive, romantic with wonderful characters. A good reading that will make you cry and smile at the same time.

I loved it!

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