• Ana Medeiros

She Loves Me by Melissa Foster

Piper is the last one of the Dalton's sisters without a partner, but she is not complaining... She has a full life with work, her friends at the bar and her family. However, Harley Dutch her longtime friend has a crush on her for forever and now it is his time to come forward and risk it all with her.

He is injured and needs Piper's help not only physically but as well with his nieces that are temporarily living with him. She steps up to help and end up discovering all Harley's feelings for her and she returns these feelings as well.

This is a lovely book about the ultimate single Dalton daughter and Melissa Foster mastered her words in the romance between these two wonderful souls.

This book is not a standalone since there are several characters from other books and for you to keep up it is best to read the other books, but it is a wonderful series and you will love them all!

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