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Secrets of the World's Worst Matchmaker (The Baileys #7) by Piper Rayne

A Bailey book is always fun, endearing, sexy story to read! I just love this family and how they work through life after the tragedy of loosing their parents. Gradma Dory is a special character that makes all stories so fun and real.

Juno and Colton's story is a friends to lovers trope and in a way I just hoped someone says "For God's sake, just get together and finish with this already!". It is so obvious that they are in love, but June fights this with all her strengh. Reading this book we kind of understand her reasons and get to know a little bit more of their "untold" story by reading the mini flashbacks.

As always there is fun, witty remarks, new plots that we never guessed and a full wonderful and entretaining book that you will want to just turn the next page to see what it is next.

I just loved this book!


Secrets of the World’s Worst Matchmaker by @authorpiperrayne is LIVE!


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Imagine you’re a matchmaker and you realize too late you’re in love with your childhood best friend. You only have yourself to blame—you’re the one who matched him and now he’s engaged to be married. When you find yourself in this position there’s a few secrets you’re going to need to keep…

Secret #1 – Smile when he tells you the happy news, even if your heart cracks in half.

Secret #2 – Don’t compare yourself to his beautiful French fiancée. You’re just as beautiful.

Secret #3 – Don’t tag along to the tux fitting with him alone. Just no.

Secret #4 - Don’t help him learn to dance to his wedding song.

Secret #5 – Erase all memories of the two of you through the years when lines blurred for even the briefest of moments.

And the one you never saw coming…

Secret #6 –Definitely, don’t stand and object—someone else might just do it for you.

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