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Protecting You (Bailey Brothers, #1) and Fighting for Us (Bailey Brothers, #2)by Claire Kingsley

In this post I will review two books that are connected and should be read in order so that you can have a better idea of the characters and what are they facing. It is beautiful, about family, love and has some funny moments as well...Above all it shows that love conquers it all!

Protecting You (Bailey Brothers, #1) by Claire Kingsley

I have to tell you that it is the first book by Claire Kingsley that I read and it is the begininig of everything and explain a lot of what Grace and Asher will face in the future.

I loved this book because it introduced the Bailey family and how Grace and Asher have first met and began to love each other.

A beautiful book to start a saga of brothers that are so fun to read!

I loved it

Fighting for Us (Bailey Brothers, #2) by Claire Kingsley

I really loved this book! Asher and Grace are a couple that have been through hell and back and only by the strong love they have they could find their way back.

Ms. Kingsley writing is beautiful, her words and writing the transition that Asher has faced from prison to a normal life is beautiful and she shows all his fears and insecurities. All the Bailey's brothers have something to say and Gram is a wonderful character.

It is more than a family or second chance romance, it is a life changing romance with strong characters and powerful scenes that will make you cry and laugh. I really loved it and looking forward to the next ones!

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