• Ana Medeiros

Operation Bailey Babies: A Bailey Series Novella (The Baileys, #6.5) by Piper Rayne

How can we not love the Baileys?!! This novella is wonderful! Last time we heard about the Baileys we discover that three couples were pregnant: Austin and Holly (Finally and Thank God!), Liam and Savannah and Brooklyn and Wyatt.

Now, we are going to read a little more about them, how were the pregnancies and several adventures that I will not spoil because it is so much fun!

The great dynamic that the Baileys have between them is so entertaining and real at the same time, because family is messy, sad and fun. The book has several point of views and you get to know these characters more and their feelings. Piper Rayne they are a great duo and write in a way that is witty, fun and real.

It is so worth to read and all the Baileys books!!!

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