• Ana Medeiros

One Perfect Touch by Layla Hagen

I am a Layla Hagen's fan! Her writing style is so romantic and delicate, even in the sexy scenes! This book is the third of this series (but you can read it as a standalone if you will, but you will miss all the wonderful two prior books...). This one is about Skye... She and her sisters are entrepreneurs and are partners in a lingerie shop located at Soho in NYC, they have great chemistry and work a lot of hours. In addition to that Skye is helping some neighbors in selling their next-door house since they are in need of a quick selling. Little did she know that her next neighbor will be Robert, a great guy, also works a lot and cooks so great! They are the perfect match. Their story is so sweet and sexy with a little spice that will make you want to read the book until the last page at once. I loved this book!

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