• Ana Medeiros

One Hot Italian Summer by Karina Halle

Karina Halle has been a favorite for quite some time. I have been quietly reading her books and I have to tell you that first she got me in Prince for Heat Wave. Purple Rain has become my favorite music ever and I have downloaded several versions of it. Now, with Grace and Claudio I am in love with INX and Never Tear Us Apart...

Grace is an author that lost her partner in writing and is grieving and mourning her lost. She feels incapable of writing alone and is struggling. Her new agent, who she met briefly, see her struggles, and suggest a month in Italy at her villa to change scenery and finding her muse.

In the first day in Italy she is surprised by Claudio and his son Vanni, it is actually their house and her agent is his ex-wife... Well... that is the beginning of a hot wonderful book about putting yourself out there and challenge even in a grief. Moving on is not easy and Grace by meeting Claudio not only finds her muse but also her life and herself. In a way, her writing partner was her buffer for life and now she finds a wonderful way of fully living and enjoy love.

This book is beautiful and inspiring.

I love it!

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