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My True Love (The Steeles at Silver Island, #2) by Melissa Foster

This is a book that is a joy to read! Melissa Foster is an author that does not follow the rules of contemporary romance, she creates a world of her own with characters that are so sensitive, charming, full of life and above all with so much love.

Jules and Grant have known each other forever, but he is a little older and belong to a different crowd, she has always had a crush on him, but it was something like an "older brother best friends" crush. Years gone by and Grant entered the military and now has had a serious accident which cost his leg and hearing from the left side.

He is trying to face the changes in his life but is losing this battle, amid this hurricane Jules appears like a pixie fairy to bring some light to Grant. The book is beautifully written and the way it unfolds telling how Grant grows and begins to face life with courage and love.

I just loved this book!

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