• Ana Medeiros

My Saving Grace (Vested Interest: ABC Corp, #1) by Melanie Moreland

The one thing that you know for sure is that nothing is settle in stone and life always get in the way. Grace VanRyan had her life all mapped out: an article (or internship) in a great Law Firm with the best in the field, working with her "cousins" at ABC and learn all she can later...

Well... she did not count on Jaxson her older boss and mentor. She is bewildered with this difficult, intelligent and sullen man, who had a difficult past and says that he will love no one.

She puts her heart at risk and decides to jump into this new life, but it has consequences and an unexpected marriage. Jaxson and Grace are one of my favorite couples of the "Moreland Universe" and it is so good to see that both have to take the leap of faith to be together.

I just loved it! A wonderful book.

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