• Ana Medeiros

My One Night (On My Own, #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Two years ago Carrie Ann Ryan released Fractured Connections series which was about the Connoly brothers in Denver, CO. These brothers were brought together by their foster parents and there was a surprise present, the younger brother Dillon who later became a Connoly.

Dillon, even though very young, had the best insights regarding relationships for their siblings and helped them a lot in their path to love. Now, a young adult it is time for Dillon to find his love. He is in a new college, with new roommates, trying to survive mid-terms and essays. In order to blow some steam they organize a party at their house and Elise not only attend the party but she also has a dare.

The book is so great because it portraits this new generation and what they want in love. Elise is thorn away because she wants to excell in her college life and is afraid that a boyfriend will jeoperdize so much work. In truth, balance is all we need in our lives and this is the message of the book.

I just loved it!

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