• Ana Medeiros

My One and Only (Very Irresistible Bachelors, #5) by Layla Hagen

I have been looking for Tess's story.

She is the oldest and the more sensitive of the Winchester's siblings and seeing all of them getting their happily ever has not been easy for her.

However, she is happy in taking care of them all and being a business entrepreneur with her sister. They have become so successful that they need expanding and investors. Here comes Liam, he is the partner of Harrington & Co, an investment company and will be Tess's mentor in this new journey.

Their connection is so strong that they cannot keep their eyes from each other and completely uncharacteristic of Liam he falls in love completely.

This book has so many nuances and good writing... I just love Tess and can see her in myself a lot.

A wonderful book and not the last of the series since we will be getting more couples!

I just loved it!

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