• Ana Medeiros

My Beautiful Neighbor (The Greene Family, #1) by Piper Rayne

I was looking forward to reading The Greene Family and the series! It is all Piper Rayne! A good, emotional, and captivating story with interesting characters is everything you want to read.

Cade and Presley have a lot of chemistry and the fact that she starts as the city "outsider" makes us to get to know her slowly. It is not really an enemy to lover’s trope since Cade lusts for her is evident and frankly he couldn't care more about the business, his brother is the one who is more concerned about the expansion. Since the beginning Cade is kind of protecting Presley and interested in her mysteriousness.

The book is great and there is a cameo by Grandma Dori and her "Watson" Ethel.

I loved it!

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