• Ana Medeiros

Mr. Knightsbridge by Louise Bay

This is the second book about a group of male friends in London that help each other through many troubles in life, including love... They can be read as a stand alone and the characters are unfolding slowly in the books.

I think Louise Bay is gifted in creating good characters that are facing challenges. In this book Dexter and Hollie are coming to terms with their families. He lost his parents at 19 and since them is estranged from his brother. Now, a jewelry competition will help him mend his heart to his family and the help of Hollie is a great support in this jouney.

Hollie has been supporting her family since she was very young and now she has conquered the right to travel to London in an unpaid intership to study in one of the best jewerly houses and participate in the contest.Little did she know that meeting Dexter in this competition would change her life and she would also print her mark in his life.

The book is very good and has a beautiful story to tell.

I love it!

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