• Ana Medeiros

Maybe We Will (Silver Harbor, #1)by Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster always delivers in her books. Her writing style in romance is so unique because the characters are so well developed, and we understand them as they were longtime friends.

Aiden Aldridge is Remi's older brother from This is Love (Harmony Point #2), he is a 38-year-old workaholic who is only focus on his business and sisters. Now, she is married with kids living her life and Aiden is a little lost. He needs focus and work to hold it together, but Remi convinces him into taking a vacation at Silver Island to have some moments for himself and be happy.

Abby de Messiéres is a chef and is morning the loss of her mother with her sister. She came back to Silver Island to start over, take care of the family's bistro, and decompress. She meets Aiden by chance and is totally overwhelmed by this caring man. Their path is not always easy because they live in different cities, not to say states! But in a unique way Melissa Foster transforms this story into a lovely romance that you want to read by listening "A Sunday kind of Love", because Aiden and Abby are just like that...

A great romance! I loved it!

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