• Ana Medeiros

Making You Mine (The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls, #5)

Aubrey Stewart is s super powerful business woman with so many things to do that a day is not enough. For two years she has been on a on and off "relatioship" with Knox Bentley, but only she does not see that... Knox is head over heels in love with Aubrey and in hopes to convice her to finally give in he persuade her to help to find the perfect place to film a new movie for her friend and company.

This book is like a meeting with old friends! You will read about characters in the other books of The Bradens and The Montgomerys and it is so good! Knox and Aubrey are sexy couple with so many great scenes and blanter between them, she is smart and fast thinking and he is patient and so sweet with her. They are a powerful couple and the writing is so great that you will not put the book away until the last page. I loved it!


Knox Bentley never liked the pomp and circumstance that came with being wealthy. He'd distanced himself from his pretentious family and their fortune as a young adult and found his own path to success. But even with the world at his fingertips, he realizes something is missing, and after a long stay overseas, he finally knows exactly what it is. His no-strings-attached hookups with Aubrey Stewart, an exquisite and stubbornly independent blonde, are no longer enough for him.

They connect on every level, but Aubrey is a fierce businesswoman with a new movie channel on the horizon and no time for much else. She is the deal he can't close, the precious jewel even his billions can't buy. Now that he's back in the States, he's determined to show her that what they have goes beyond the bedroom and finally make her his.

You may have met LWW Enterprises billionaire Aubrey Stewart in ANYTHING FOR LOVE, and her friends-with-benefits lover (Graham Braden’s business partner), Knox Bentley, in TRAILS OF LOVE. If not, don’t worry! Like all of my books, their story may be enjoyed as a standalone! Buckle up and enjoy the wildly romantic, fantastically fun, ride!

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