• Ana Medeiros

Lost Without You (Annapolis Harbor, #2) by Lea Coll

This is the second book of the Annapolis Harbor series and I can assure you two things: (a) The series keeps getting better; (b) I will certainly go to visit Annapolis when the borders are clear because the way the author described the city is beautiful.

Griffin is the landlord of hell... He sent the wrong contract to Avery and complains about everything. Their contact is through telephone and emails, but when he is in trouble with his nephew and issurance of his dead brother he goes to Avery and her partners. Avery is agravated first but getting to know this man who gave up everything to be with his nephew and adopts the single dad way of life is enderaing. She has a lot of bagagge and Griffin will learn to be pacient and loving with her.

This book is wonderful!

I just loved it!

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