• Ana Medeiros

Lethal Edge (Rifle Creek #1) by Kaylea Cross

This is the beggining of a new Kaylea Cross series and you can count on a lot of action and insteresting characters (and great sexy scenes!). This time, we get to know the residents of Riffle Creek like Tate Baldwin, an ex-military and police detective, badly burnt by a former relationship and only caring about his family and friends. He is trying to transiosing into a new business venture with his military friends.

Little did he know that his life would be transformed by the happy-go-luck Dr. Nina Benitez. She is his partner new roomate and a professor at the local University, super inteligent, but too romantic for his taste. Tate and Nina are such a great opposites attract couple and they are the core of this book.

I love Kaylea Cross books because they are three dimensional and have the point of view of several characters which makes the reading almost a movie experience.

The book is very good and a great start to a new series!

Looking forward the next ones!

Love it!

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