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Join the Club (SWAT Generation 2.0, #7) by Lani Lynn Vale

These Pena brothers are going to kill me!!! They are hot, good nature and have the best family in book world! Now, we have the second book of the twin brothers Bourne and Booth that are in love with twin sisters as well. This one is kind of fun because Delaine is the mother of Booth's son Asa.

This is a conflicting point to Bourne but he is so in love with Delanie and have given up so much in his life for his brother that it is impossible not to resist. He is an adorable character and have so much inside that it is a joy to read his story. Lani Lynn Vale has created these characters that are so involving and good nature.

I really look forward to the next Swat Generation 2.0's book!

I love it!


Join the Club by @lanilynnvale is LIVE!

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There are a few lessons one has to learn for themselves. Then there are the lessons that most people don’t have to learn because it’s just not done. For instance, most people know instinctively that they shouldn’t crave the mother of their brother’s child. Bourne Pena isn’t most men. Bourne does everything he can to fight the attraction he feels for Delanie, but in the end, his refusal to go there almost ends up costing him his life. *** Delanie Davidsdottir just wanted to forget. One night, she wanted to feel like a normal human being. That one night changes her life and gives her a son that becomes her heart and soul. From that point forward, she does her level best to keep her head on straight and not make any more mistakes. And falling for her child’s father's twin brother—say that three times fast— would be a mistake. Not only is he Trouble with a capital T, he’s also a SWAT officer that puts his life on the line every single day. She can’t take another loss like the one she suffered once before. Then again, Delanie never encountered a man like Bourne Pena before, either.

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