• Ana Medeiros

Hot for Love (Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls #7) by Melissa Foster

When you read a Melissa Foster's book you will certain have a well written, sensitive, emotional book with a couple that has so much love, caring and sexiness that it is hard to find in other books.

This is the seventh book in this series, and I must tell you that it is like reading the first one... Nick Braden and Trixie Jericho are one of the best couples I have read from Melissa Foster's books in a while. They remind me Treat Braden and Max when I first read the Braden's books years ago...

The story is engaging, sexy, delicate and there are some beautiful scenes with Nick and Trixie that will become classic in romance literature. I really enjoyed this book and the love story between Nick and Trixie, their families, their love which grows slowly, and Trixie has the patience to wait for Nick to be ready for her.

A wonderful and beautiful book! I just loved it!

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