• Ana Medeiros

Dominik (Arizona Vengeance, #6) by Sawyer Bennett

Dominik is the best book of the series! It really is! Sawyer Bennett wrote a great book and I am reading this book now for a second time.

Dominik is the owner of the Arizona Vengeance, a Hockey Team. It was really an investment, but it turned out to be much more than that, since for the first time in his life he is creating attachment with others. Sure, he is super uber business man but as growing up in the foster system getting close is hard for him. The team of the Arizona Vengeance is slowly becoming not only his team but as well his friends...

Actually, in this process the one person who does not want anything from him and is avoiding him like the plague is the one he wants and helps him building these connections. Willow is the sister of one of his players and is hard to get (she has her reasons). The way Willow and Dominik interact and how they slowly build their relationship is wonderful to read and I was very emotional reading this book. You will love this book!

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