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Code Name: Hacker (Jameson Force Security, #4) by Sawyer Bennett

I just love reading this series and I was looking forward to reading Bebe's story. Bebe is a hacker that has been in prison for years before being released by Kynan and the Jameson Group. She has a second chance in life and for her family, after all she missed seven years of her child.

Bebe is an interesting character because she is super smart but yet because of all the trouble she had in her life she is still trying to find her place. And here it come Griffin, I will not spoil his place in Bebe's world because it is so fun and interesting to find out. Griffin is strong and he is perfect for Bebe and her family. However, together they will have to overcome major obstacles and trouble coming from the criminal world.

I think Sawyer Bennet has a great writing style since the characters are raw in their emotions but at the same time they are strong to face the trouble ahead of them.

The book is well written and has great characters.

I just love it!

Code Name: Hacker (Jameson Force Security, Book #4) Sawyer Bennett Release Date: March 31, 2020


I’m not the same Bebe Grimshaw I was years ago. The woman I was spent years behind the bars of the highest security women’s prison in the nation, my punishment for hacking nuclear codes as part of a crime syndicate I’d gotten in way too deep with. The woman I am today doesn’t regret what I did, or the fact that I got caught, but I am remorseful for the years I lost with my son, Aaron. Released from my sentence early thanks to Kynan McGrath, I joined his team at Jameson Force Security and now put my skills to use helping people.

I’m just trying to get back a piece of what I lost, focusing solely on raising Aaron and my work at Jameson. As long as I have my son and my career, I’m content. But life has a funny way of letting you know exactly what you need, and when a devastatingly handsome stranger named Griffin befriends Aaron at the park, I have to consider I might be missing something. A part of me that was locked away long ago reawakens, and I find myself looking at Griff in a way I’ve not looked at a man in more than a decade.

Just when I think things are starting to look up, my world is turned upside down. Turns out that meeting wasn’t an accident, and things aren’t going my way at all.

Griffin Moore is the man sent here to kill me.

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