• Ana Medeiros

Call Me Crazy (Bellamy Creek, #3) by Melanie Harlow

I cannot express enough how I just loved this book! Enzo is the ultimate man-child, smoldering, supportive and crazy kind of a guy and Bianca is his match. She knows what she wants even when she is afraid of finally getting.

They start the book as frenemies and for all their lives they have been butting their heads. I think it was like that because deep inside, they knew they were meant to each other but were afraid. Now for several reasons they need one another and decide to marry, a marriage of convenience in which there is a specific clause that Bianca would not ever fall in love with Enzo (LOL).

Despite the craziness of these two, the book has also a sensitive part and is very emotional. I felt for Bianca since I have been through there myself and know it is hard.

In the end you will find a super fun, emotional and well written book with loving characters that will make you smile and cry.

Love it!

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