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Bright Midnight by Karina Halle

I love Karina Halle's books, they very connected with the world and it is interesting because of the need of the characters finding their place in the world. Shay has been travelling in Europe for quite some time, first with her ex-boyfriend and now alone. Norway was always a set goal for her and we read in the flashbacks that she has something to resolve regarding an ex-boyfriend who was a foreing student in High School.

The book has both point of views and also there are flashbacks to explain the journey that these characters are into. Shay decides to run after college and Anders decides to stay and provide for his family. Now, they run into each other in Norway and their lifes are linked together again...

There is a reason for their breakup and it is not something good and resolved for Shay, but this is a second chance book and their love conquers it all at the end.

The book is really beautiful and has some tough moments for them. But in the end it is the characters path and the growth as adults.

I really loved it!

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