• Ana Medeiros

Bayside Fantasies (Bayside Summers, #6) by Melissa Foster

It has been a while since I read a book that got me so deep in the characters. This series is so close to my heart because I just love reading about the Cape Cod gang being at Bayside or Seaside. They are fun, loving and characters that we can relate. Actually, the Bayside series for me is about family and forgiviness, all the books are somewhat related to these. Jett is nunning wild through the world without a home because of his workaholic ways and withdrawing from his family. Tegan is connected to her family but is trying to find her place, she helped her sister with her kids for some time and has at least 3 jobs. Always trying to find the next adventure. They meet by fate and connected by choice and at first is is a friends with benefits kind of relationship (that only they believe it will work...). But, we know better and of course with their strong connection it is impossible to deny their chemistry. Melissa Foster is a wonderful author and has a writing style that really guts me and I just love her books, but this one was really special and I loved it.

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