• Ana Medeiros

Alexei (Chicago Blaze, #5) by Brenda Rothert

I am becoming addict to the Chicago Blaze's series... I am looking up for the other books but I have to tell you that this one is so emotional and true. I have alcohoolics in my family ( I am sad to say) and it is a long, difficult, emotional path for both the individual and the family.

I am glad that the author has demonstrated it in this book and was sensitive dealing with this difficult disease in the book. One thing that is great is that the book also tells the therapist side, which we do not often see...

How hard it is to deal with so many problems everyday and still be true to yourself and have fun. Alexei and Graysen have met in an unusual way but their bond is so strong in the book, their path is diffult and it is great that they decide to take it slow and respect each other, loving and caring.

I loved this book because it is honest, truthful and sensitive.

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