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A Little Bit Wicked (The Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside, #1) by Melissa Foster

This is the first book of a new series written by Melissa Foster. The Wickeds is a cross-series world because it has little bits of the Bayside and Whiskey series.

Justin Wicked is a hard, protective artist and is a member of the Dark Knights and mostly known as "Long dong naked man". For several books he's been in love with Chloe Mallery (Selena's sister).

It is finally their time and their book is so great and well written. In my personal opinion, there are a lot of characters and some times it is a bit confusing... But the book has a character chart that helps a lot when you are reading.

Chloe is a business woman working on a assisted living residence with great ideas and always thinking ahead. Justin is an artist and a community person, always taking care of his loved ones.

This is the great thing about this book, it is well written and it makes you think a lot about family and community. Specially Chloe, she makes her friends her family and Justin brings his family to her. She is accepted and loved by them all.

Justin is a great character and, frankly, I think one of the best male character that I read this year.

A great book!

When the Dark Knights at Bayside and the cast of Bayside Summers collide, sparks fly, and trouble-or maybe love-is not far behind.

What do a cocky biker and a businesswoman who has sworn off dating bad boys have in common? According to Chloe Mallery, not much.

Justin came into the Wicked family after a harsh upbringing by a thieving father. He's gone through a lot to become a true Wicked, and he's made them proud. Now he's ready to show the woman he loves exactly what type of man he is. But Chloe has worked hard to move past her difficult upbringing, and she's wary of getting involved with a man who looks like he's walked right out of it. When tragedy strikes, will their trying pasts draw them together, or will Justin's protective nature be too much for Chloe's independent heart to accept?



Crazy, Wicked Love

The Wicked Aftermath

Wicked Lucky

Wicked Temptations

MEET THE WHISKEYS (cousins of the Wickeds)!

Now available for your binge-reading pleasure!

Tru Blue

Truly, Madly, Whiskey

Driving Whiskey Wild

Wicked Whiskey Love

Mad About Moon

Taming My Whiskey

Find out more about these and many other steamy romance series in Melissa Foster's big-family contemporary romance collection, Love in Bloom, featuring characters from all walks of life, from billionaires to blue-collar workers. You'll love her fun, sexy, and relatable characters, and their real-life issues. Best of all, you're always guaranteed a happily ever after.

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