• Ana Paula Medeiros

This Is Love (Harmony Pointe, #2) by Melissa Foster

This is the best book of the series! Remi and Mason story is so worth to read! She is a famous actress and is being harassed and stalked by a creep. She has a very protective brother who hires Mason's security firm to take care of her. Remi is super rebelious and Mason decides to take care of her himself since he believes he knows how to handle difficulties.

I guess he did not expect the supposed "spoiled" Remi to turn out to be evething he always wanted. These characters are wonderful, they both have suffered incredible losses in their lifes (Remi lost her parents at young age and Mason was brought up in the foster system) and they never give up on caring for one another.

Mason, as a character, is very interesting since he is not bitter, he faced the war, he faced being alone with courage that it is moving. I think Remi sees this courage and tender in him and that makes her fall even harder.

The book is well written and wonderful and you will not put it away until the last page.

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