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Last Light by Claire Kent

This is a very interesting book, since it is about a dystopian world and it is pure Claire Kent (the pen name of Noelle Adams - one of my favorite authors!). This book is edgy and brings a new dimensional for the new world stories.

No electricity in this world and people are angry and dangerous. Layne is just trying to survive and after her grandmother's death she is ready to leave her hometown after 4 years an asteroyd has fallen into earth and changed all the enviroment. She is brave to face this new world and find a safe place to start again. She reconnects with Travis and because they are living in a dangerous world, initially they distrust each other, but in time the trust and connection between them is build and we get to know these wonderful characters and their story.

Claire Kent brings an adventure with romance and she is susccesful in putting a very human side in this story, it is not just a romance, it is a story that makes you think about and understand these characters.

Last Light by Claire Kent is coming on November 13rd!

A post-apocalyptic road-trip romance book.

It only took four years for the world to fall apart

Enjoy this sneak peek

He’s staring down at me, his eyes appearing very blue. And the corners of his mouth are tilted up just slightly.

I gasp. “Are you smiling?”


“Are you actually smiling?”

“Course not.” But his lips twitch up again, almost imperceptibly.

I giggle and hug him again. Just a quick squeeze of my arms. “Yes, you are. You can act grumpy and stoic all you want, but I know you, Travis Farrell. And you’re just as excited about all our new loot as I am.”

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