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Knox (Chicago Blaze, #4) by Brenda Rothert

I am new to the Chicago Blaze series and I have to tell you that I started with a bang because this book is so good! Hockey romance is my jam and I am so glad I read this book! Knox Devereaux is an experience hockey player but a brooding and silence one. During the off season Knox goes along with his team mates to Hawaii to blow off some steam and there (in a very funny top bikini affair) he meets Reese.

She is a baker with a serious broken heart and they decided in a rebound romance. However, months later they still have this lingering feeling between them even they are apart. Knox is the ultimate romance hero and he captures our hearts along with Reese. Their story is captivating and you will love it!


KNOX by Brenda Rothert just went live!

Grab your copy now:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2AoCa9O

Apple: https://apple.co/2me6znk

Nook: http://bit.ly/2ApmDXj

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2Ar5yMQ

About the Book:


I’m done.

Getting ditched at the altar is nothing compared to being humiliated there in front of three hundred shocked guests. Apparently I’m no good at spotting the signs your man’s a cheating liar. So I set off solo on my honeymoon to Hawaii, where I realize I’ve got this life thing down just fine on my own.

Friendships and laughter? Yes.

Adventures? Absolutely.

But relationships? Hell no. Never again.


I’m a man of few words. My reputation as a moody prick is deserved, but only the handful of people who really know me see the man beneath the professional mask.

I’m a protector. A warrior. That part is true. But the world doesn’t get to see the rest of me. And women don’t seem to mind my gruff exterior—my bed’s always warm.

I’m content with life—loving it, even—or so I thought. But when I meet a beautiful pastry chef with a broken heart and a smile that softens me down to my soul, I realize I wasn’t really content at all before her.

I only wish I had the words to let her know.

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