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A Wedded Arrangement (Convenient Marriages, #3) by Noelle Adams

This is the third book of a series about... Convenient Marriages! Noelle Adams is a gifted writer and author and specially with marriages of convenience she is an expert!! Try Part-Time Husband! It is one of her best and a RITA nominee.

This one is about Savannah and Lance, he is a privileged kid who has a rich family but no love from them. Savannah she has a different origin as she has a working class family and have always worked hard for her success. She returned to her hometown to take care of her parents and is living her life building an espace as soon as possible. Lance needs a wife to obtain an heritance and proposes an exchange that will profit them both.

Little did they know that this proposition will chance their lifes in more than a way!

The writing is wonderful, the characters super intense and their story is sexy and loving at the same time.

You will love this book!!!

A Wedded Arrangement, a fun, steamy marriage-of-convenience romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Noelle Adams, is available now!

Book Info Title: A Wedded Arrangement Series: Convenient Marriages #3 Author: Noelle Adams Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Enemies-to-lovers, marriage of convenience Publishing date: October 23rd 2019 Add to Goodreads

Book Summary With three months remaining of her marriage of convenience, Savannah is ready to say goodbye to her spoiled rich boy of a husband. He's annoying and argumentative and used to always getting his way. Sure, he's hot. And maybe occasionally a little bit sweet. But she doesn't want to stay married to him. Not at all. He needed a wife for a year so he could inherit his grandmother's fortune, and she needed to pay off her family's debts. That's all their marriage has ever been about. So she really needs to stop falling into bed with him.

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