• Ana Paula Medeiros

The Dugout by Meghan Quinn

I confess I know nothing about baseball... It is not very popular in Brazil... But, I know about romance and this book is so good, sweet and romantic that I could not put it away. I googled some of the sport's part and in the end it is all about Milly and Carson! Carson has had an injury caused by a member of his team, in a very suspicious way. He is in a bad situation recovering not just physically but mentally too. He needs a personal coach to help him through this phase where his game is not yet there. Milly has lived for the sport, her brothers are baseball players and she is studying to be a coach herself. However, she is lacking confidence since she knows being a woman is a real problem in the sport's world (there is a good discussion in the book about that and it is important that the author is putting it out there!). This couple has some difficulties to be together and the story is so good and engaging that you will love it from the first chapter!

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