• Ana Paula Medeiros

Enchanting Sebastian (Big Sky Royal #1) by Kristen Proby

First, I have to confess that I love the name Sebastian! Just by naming the main character like that the book hold me hostage. In addition to that Kristen Proby has excelled herself in this spinoff of the Big Sky series. Yes, all the characters in her prior Big Sky appear in this book (at least the newer ones).

But, it is all about Royal in this series! Sebastian is the first one in line to become the King and has to marry before his 35th birthday. However, he does not want to be King! He wants for work for his country but not like that. In Montana he meets Nina, Christian Wolff's sister and publicist.

She is strong, beautiful and knows about being in public and hold together like no one else, she is perfect! Their meeting and wedding is all very fast but the connection is too strong to deny. Nina has trust issues and Sebastian is just the guy to hold and support her. The book is so lovely and quite different in the series. It is a fresh start and introduce us to new characters and a new storyline. I loved it and recommend it!

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