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Single Dad (Milford College, #3) by Noelle Adams

This is the third book of this series that is located at Milford College, a small liberal arts college. Now, you will read the story of Katrina and Max, she is an assistance librarian and is facing a moment in her life... Katrina is worried about getting thing on her own way and independence after being let down by her ex-boyfriend. Max is a bit older, divorced and is a single dad, her is teaching an art class at the college and is cannot take his eyes of Katrina.

The thing here is that Max is patient and he understands the phase that Katrina is going through. This book is so lovely, sexy and above all is about this couple journey to happiness. Noelle Adams has a truthful way of telling a story, she is knows how to take these people into the next level and I just love her writing.

You will love it!

Single Dad by Noelle Adams is NOW available! Katrina isn’t going to be led around by a man again. So no more dating for her until she has got the life she wants. But then Max comes to her life.

Summary of the book The last thing I want is to partner on a library exhibit with Max, a hot new art professor at my college, but it's part of my job as librarian so I don't have a choice. My attraction to him is intense and immediate, but I'm taking a break from dating so I can focus on myself. I don't need a distraction like Max.

He's a single father, and that's the only thing he can focus on now. He's never going to take a relationship with me seriously, no matter how much I want him to.

Single Dad is the third book in the Milford College series, novellas about the faculty and staff of a small liberal arts college.

Check this sneak peek: “Then maybe you shouldn’t do this. Don’t look at me like…” “Like what?” I can’t answer. The words are blocked in my throat. “Like I’m going to kiss you?” His voice is very soft, slightly hoarse, infinitely sexy. I’m almost shaking now. “Yes. Like that.” “Katrina, I’m looking at you like I’m about to kiss you because I am.”

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