• Ana Paula Medeiros

A Flair for Flip-Flops (The Sadie Kramer Flair Mysteries Book 5) by Deborah Garner

I just love Sadie Kramer's mysteries books! They remind me Agatha Christie's books and Sadie is such a great character with her adorable Yorkie Coco! This story brings it all: mystery, Hollywood scandal and great characters that will not make you stop reading. Since it is a mystery book I will not spoil it because it is unfair to the new readers and the fun of this book is to hook on for the ride and enjoy the story. But, I can tell you that Deborah Garner is a wonderful, fun author who can deliver a story that you will want to read to the end and the characters are witty, entertaining and a lot of fun. I loved it and you will too!

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