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Office Mate (Milford College, #2) by Noelle Adams

This is the second book of the Milford College series and it is great! Beck is an exuberant history teacher at Milford's and has a big office of her own. Evan is the pompous new teacher of the English Department, very academic and serious and he has not office of his own to stay. The College decides to ask for Beck to share her office space until another teacher retires and Evan can go on his own way. She is refractory at first but slowly Evan begin to conquer her with his somewhat brooding aloof way. As a pretty intelligent guy it is funny to read Evan trying to woo Beck by asking questions about her thesis of two years ago and the funnier part that she is clueless of his moves. Sometimes he is so withdrawn that he is a difficult person to read and we understand Beck frustation at times, but this is a funny emotional love story about two people who start clueless about each other and soon develop a deep relationship. The part about Lord of the Rings is so great too! I loved this book!

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He’s her office mate. He’s not even in her department.

She doesn’t have to like him.

It’s a good thing because she already doesn’t.

The last thing I want is to share my beautiful office with an uptight, unfriendly new English professor. I don't care if he's incredibly hot. He's still the worst office mate in the world.

We're stuck together for a year, and that might be too long for me to resist discovering what's hiding beneath his buttoned-up appearance.

Office Mate is the second book in the Milford College series, novellas about the faculty and staff of a small liberal arts college

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“You don’t get it,” he breaks in. “I was serious. I am serious. I’ve been serious about you from the very beginning. There’s no one else in the world I’ve ever felt this way about. I wanted you from the moment I saw you, and every day I’ve known you makes me want you more. I wasn’t holding back because I didn’t want to be close to you. I did. I do. So much.”

I can’t believe this is happening. I hug my arms to my chest. “So why were you holding back?”

“Because I was afraid that if you saw me for real, you wouldn’t want me after all.”

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